Some folk I may have mentioned and the day… again

Above is one of the folks I never got round to mentioning. I seem to have the best luck in finding talented people these days! She is one of the potential future cover artists for my work. Visit her site, buy some prints – you’ll love it! She’s a really talented and smart person. You can even, if you have the time and are lucky enough, catch her at one of the science fiction and fantasy conventions in the Southern U.S.

For Chaz -the friend I mentioned the other day

You can find the list of her amazing work here and search for her on Amazon Kindle and Books… I think she’s still on Barnes and Noble. Also, do look for her on Telos publishing.

Okay, now on to some of the proverbial boring me stuff…


© 2016 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

Fading roses, a dusty window sill

Filtered light, cold and unfeeling

So much for what could be

In the haste of the moment

Things said, not said or implied

Like the flotsam in the air it hangs

As a memory it echoes softly
A haunting voice, taunting and elusive

Yet, palpable sorrow

Never again, a shade or spectre shall I become

My heart lay in the remains of the hearth

Your tears water the brown grass and withered flora

This is not a home, but a mausoleum

A testament to futility – mainly my own
A wretch was forged as love was consumed in the fires

Ire marches in your nightmares

Oaths given and curses invoked

Happiness, a dream unattainable


This is going into my new collection, due out as soon as I can find a photo for the cover * shrug *.  As to my novel work… here’s a snippet/teaser for the action/horror fans


























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