Today, every day and beyond

This sounds a lot deeper than it is – really. I just learnt that there is an animated feature that is based on a Philip K. Dick novel! He joins E.E. Doc Smith and Heinlein as famous authors with a story turned into an animated feature. I find it surprising more Science Fiction and Fantasy authors don’t subscribe to the idea of putting their work/submitting it for the manga/anime producers – it reaches quite a broad audience.
Yesterday, I finally got on with Elder Offensive! * SIGH * I will have to go with a generic not great art cover for the moment as it’s going to take time to sit down or commune with one of my cover artists as he’s quite busy – Look for Chaz Kemp on patreon or his web site to see his amazing artwork or support his latest project! Yes this is a blatant plug for a good friend.
However, I know many gifted, talented and brilliant people – like Linzi Gold; Singer, writer and all around artist from Manchester. ~ another blatant plug ~!
Yes, it’s a bit rare for me to blog… so, on to the rest of the drivel
Back to my book series – both of them.
I’m waiting with patience to get my parody/send up of serial film heroes to market and get the two cover artists paid. Camden’s Follies has a lot of wind up’s , over the top melodrama and action – all from one or more character perspectives. All I can say i – it isn’t easy being the handsome male hero…
As to Elder Offensive ~
This is an action/horror in the spirit of Aliens and in the Universe of Cthulu  – Blood, guts and major turns and twists with a roller coaster ride of action with some calm spots to to re – charge a relentless slew of battles!
I will endeavour to keep a high standard and ignore the nay sayers as always!

For now ~ Cheers and May you always have your imagination engaged, an open mind and peace with love in abundance!!

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